Monday, November 25, 2013

2013 Fashion Faults

These tennis fashions missed the mark in 2013. 

1. Caro's bikini dress is way too complicated and the oblique cut-outs are unflattering. 

2. Federer tried and failed to mix Black, Navy, and other varying shades of blue. The black socks are icing on the cake. Bring back Darth Federer. 

3. These lines proved to be unflattering on Maria. She seems to love adding triangles, rectangles and other geometric lines to her Nike kits. 

4. Gael Monfils did nothing to deserve having to wear this shirt at home in Paris. 

 5. Gray is not Rafa's color. 

6. With a few inches more, this outfit would be great. 

7. No Sveta, nooooo. You've come way too far.

8. Batman's on his way Vika. 

9. Love that Camila's mom makes her outfits.  However, this was an interesting look for prime-time, under the lights, in NYC. 

10. Tommy's to haat for this. An aside - I really hope he show's up on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Tommy is Yolanda Foster's step-son-in-law. 

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