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French Open 2013: Roger Federer Grew Up & Ditched the Collar

Roger Federer is out of his Peter Pan phase and lost his collar. He's been sportin' a collar on his Nike duds for years. He's also ditched the long locks by shearing off his hair. Here's the promo pic from I find that the outfit looks way more dull on the TV Screen.

French Open 2013: Novak in Uniqlo

It's taken me by complete surprise, but I'm really into Novak Djokovic's Uniqlo duds. His clothing fits him well and his top features nice clean lines in a minty-green color that complements the red clay court well. Nice work Uniqlo. #Uniqlo #NovakDjokovic

French Open 2013: Serena brought her A-Line

Serena Williams is the one to beat at the 2013 Roland Garros. Wearing a grey A-line, wrap dress, with red-orange accents, Serena is dresssed to dominate this year's tournament. Barring a bout of nerves, Serena is the presumptive French Open champion. Definitely glad that she made it to round 2, unlike last year. She had such a great bandage-dress inspired kit which got no traction due to Serena's early dismissal from the 2012 Roland Garros. Little-seen 2012 French Open look:

French Open 2013: Oh Sveta

Dear Sveta, Why did you allow this company to dress you in this outfit? Svetlana Kuznetsova now rocks Chinese label Qiaodan. Apparently, its how Jordan is pronounced and the label is a fake Michael Jordan-esque design. I don't know why Sveta signed with these guys, but I really did like her AO 2013 kit. However, this tie-dyed Roland Garros 2013 is not my fave. Australia Open 2013 kit featured a pretty shade of blue, and a nice silhouette:

French Open 2013: LaMonf in Asics

So blogging community, I've been MIA for a couple years, but I'm back and ready to post. Roland Garros 2013 is on and I can't help but want to talk about the Glam Spins the tennis pros are taking. Let's start with one of my faves, Gael Monfils. Over the years, he's gone from Nike to K-Swiss to Asics. I am definitely glad that LaMonf is still getting deals - but I wonder about the un-Glam compression shirt he appears to be sportin' underneath his Asics kit. Might as well have worn sleeves! RG 2013 - Asics Look: Long ago K-Swiss Days: Early Nike looks: